Meet Erin Kelly, MA, LMFT


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I’m Erin Kelly, a Marriage and Family Therapist licensed in the states of Washington, Idaho, and California. A native Californian, I relocated with my family to Spokane in 2014. I love the beauty of the seasons, and I've added Vitamin D, a Pacific Northwest essential, to my daily regimen. I enjoy exploring nature and watching the birds, walking my dog, practicing yoga, and most of all learning over and over how to see the world through my three-year-old daughter's eyes, as she takes in her experience moment by moment by moment.

My teen and young adult therapy experience in Spokane, WA

I have over a decade of clinical experience in a variety of settings, including residential treatment programs and outpatient clinics, both within community-based mental health services and private practice. Prior to my training as a clinician, I spent my summers home from college working at a specialized summer camp for children with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. I have been in the field since I began college and have continued to further my training and expertise ever since.  

My practice and my passion have focused on working with adolescents, young adults, and their families. I offer different types of teen and young adult therapy services n Spokane, WA. I have been intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) through Behavioral Tech. I continue to attend Advanced-level DBT Trainings annually and have had the opportunity to consult with some of the most respected DBT experts in the field. I have helped develop DBT Programs, trained team members, and led DBT teams. I am excited to offer DBT in Spokane, WA particularly to teens and young adults who might be engaging in self-injury or who are experiencing chronic suicidal ideation due to depression, anxiety, overwhelming academic stress, or social struggles. DBT has been shown in the research to be one of the most effective models of treatment for reducing self-injury and suicidal urges. 



My commitment to you

I am committed to providing quality individual therapy services in Spokane, WA and to contribute to the field of psychotherapy in ways that will improve lives.  I am committed to creating a space that honors congruency and authenticity.  I am committed to my own mindfulness practice and to bringing a spirit of compassion into my work. The work that I do is profoundly important to me.

As we build our lives in ways that allow for being authentically imperfect humans, we can show up with compassion rather than judgment, freedom rather than suffering.

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